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Trainings for New Staff
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital IACUC and Center for Comparative Medicine:
    Finish three required courses (Working with the IACUC: Non-VA version; working with BL2-N infectious agents in animals; and safe use of toxic or hazardous materials in animals) at AALAS Learning Library. Performing survial surgery will need additional training. Contact BWHCCM Training for more information.
    Please contact director of research subjects protection and laboratory safety compliance Kathryn Holthaus , attending veterinarian Amber Hoggatt, DVM, DACLAM, IACUC manager Christina Nascimento, and Thorn animal facility manager Erin Tait for questions.

  • Partners Human Research Committee:
    Finish all basic biomedical course modules through CITI Training before invovling any human related studies.
    1. Create an account at CITI by "register"
    2. select BWH
    3. select your user name and password
    4. provide first and last name
    5. enter preferred email address
    6. complete CITI registration page, click submit
    7. 2 part question:
      -select group: biomedical research investigators and key personnel
      -select that you have not completed a previous basic course
    8. re-confirm learner institution selection and select no for affiliation with other institution
    9. return to learner menu
      -confirm profile info
      -Institution header, see My Courses: Human Research and Status: Not started-ENTER, click on enter link to   display all basic biomedical course modules
    10. complete all basic course modules by reading module text and taking quizzes
    11. review/complete instructions on last module. You MUST complete this step for results to be sent.

  • Lab Safety and Compliance Comprehensive Training:
    To login a Partnters computer, click Partners Applications > Utilities > HealthStream. Complete all courses that display under the Assigned Learning section.
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